Complete Care Package

Financial relief when your business needs it most

On Complete Care, we pay for ALL hardware,  connectivity charges & line rental, VoIP calls to UK landline & mobiles, all engineering time is covered and it’s all for one monthly cost.

Astaris IT support packages

We set up our Complete Care Package as we recognised the struggle our clients faced when opening a new / 2nd operation in terms of budget and the high upfront costs associated with starting up a new venture. Obviously with budget limited it often meant they could not invest in high quality, reliable Network system and IT infrastructure that they were hoping to, and were then having to downgrade their system. Which would inevitably result in more IT support in the future, as they would constantly suffer connectivity and IT issues.

Our ‘Complete Care Package’ takes away the monetary strain at the most difficult time of any new businesses initial stages. Rather than invoicing the client for all the hardware, software and engineers time after the initial set up phase, the ‘Complete Care’ package, means our clients can pay monthly direct debit installments over a choice of 2 or 3 years.

What’s in it for us?

We get your business for a fixed duration. We get to put in business grade equipment which means it is reliable and we don’t have to come running to ‘fix it’ every 5 minutes. We also get to handle ‘everything’ - network, phones, connectivity which means we have complete visibility / ownership which makes our job much more effective and efficient.

What’s in it for you?

It’s 1 monthly fee, on 2 or 3 Year agreement and it covers almost everything to get your business up and running:

  • All hardware - computers, printers, routers, handsets, switches, wireless access points etc
  • All internet connectivity
  • All UK landline & mobile phone calls
  • All remote and on site IT support & warranty. Ie. if anything goes wrong / breaks - we fix it / replace it at no extra cost

As part of a Complete Care agreement, Astaris retains title to the hardware and at the end of the agreement term you can either extend the agreement and renew with fresh kit or hand the kit back.

Example package

This Complete Care package example was a 2 year deal for a client who was opening a second hospitality venue;

We completely delivered:

  • Cisco 24P switch
  • Draytek router
  • Wireless access points
  • 6U Data Cabinet
  • Power strip with surge protection
  • All Engineering time needed for configuration, implementation
  • Line install & activation fees
  • Yealink T41P handsets
  • All calls to UK mobile and landlines
  • ProActive maintenance - remote & on-site support
  • Delivery costs

With the exception of physical damage or theft of hardware, we will warranty / replace any hardware that becomes faulty for the duration of the Complete Care agreement. It includes unlimited support.

Example costs over 24 months:

Month 1 - Initial Balloon payment - £567.65
Month 2 - payment break
Month 3 through Month 24: £283.83 per month

Payments are taken via direct debit only
All prices detailed are Ex VAT

If you are opening an additional venue, starting up a new business or need to upgrade your network and wish to spread the cost, call us to find out how our Complete Care package could help you T 01273 359133 or email