Business Internet

Running a hospitality business without reliable internet connectivity is incredibly stressful.  Pubs and bars can find their EPoS machines cutting out with the queue five deep at the bar, restaurants can’t accept online orders coming in from sites like Deliveroo, hotels miss online bookings or have clashes with online bookings and phone bookings and all hospitality companies can find they have unhappy customers if their WiFi stops working.

Whether you want to install a brand new network, maintain your existing network to maximise its reliability or need your internet connectivity restored due to a fault, we have a fast and effective solution to suit your business.

Brand New Networks

Having worked widely across the hospitality sector in and around Sussex and London, we have the experience to install internet connections and networks perfectly tailored to ensure hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, clubs and music venues have the reliable connectivity they need to operate smoothly.  We ensure the EPoS devices have the connectivity they need to operate consistently and the public WiFi reaches all areas of the establishment so there are no customer complaints that they lose signal in certain areas.

Maintaining Your Internet Connectivity

If you already have an internet connection in your establishment but occasionally experience bothersome outages or are worried that outages could occur that could affect your EPoS equipment or online booking systems, we can manage your network to make outages are as unlikely as possible by checking you have the best hardware in place to do the job and then monitoring your connection for possible faults. We also put contingencies in place so if your main connection goes down, you have a failover connection to keep you trading until the issue with the main connection is resolved.

Connectivity Emergencies

No restaurateur, hotelier or bar manager wants to think about what it would be like if they lost internet connection at a busy time and couldn’t take card payments or online bookings but it does happen, unfortunately.  That’s why we provide a fast response service to get things up and running again as soon as possible.

For internet connectivity that works when you need it, call Astaris and we will find the best possible connection for your business.