sPAM AND Ransomware protection

Would your staff be able to identify a virus infected email? Is your inbox constantly filled with junk and spam? The more rubbish coming into your inbox the higher the risk of infection.

Astaris can implement a mail filtering system to prevent unwanted and dangerous emails from as little as 54p per week per inbox.

It’s a risk not worth taking, spam email protection can ensure you and your staff are safe against phishing and ransomware emails.

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Prices start from £2.35 per mailbox per month, that’s just 54p per week to protect your inbox

We received an email impersonating a director and very nearly succeeded in a multi thousand pound fraud. Astaris implemented a mail filtering system to prevent future phishing emails. It was such a close call, we are glad to have the added security.

Helen Charlessworth
Business owner @ Atwells


How do Cyber Criminals Use Email?

Malicious emails work by including links or attachments that either download harmful software onto your computer or send you to websites designed to trick you into entering information like credit/debit card details or login information (called phishing).

Such emails have become increasingly sophisticated and can be sent from the mailboxes of people you know and trust or appear to come from an official source.

What is Ransomware?

It is software that enters your computer system through an email and then encrypts all your files so you can no longer access them.

You then receive a message demanding a large sum of money to unlock the files.  Lots of businesses who have been victims of these attacks have lost access to their data permanently.

These attacks also completely cripple businesses for periods of time before they can be resolved, if at all.

This would obviously be disastrous for any business, but especially hospitality venues who are so dependent on their computer systems for online bookings, EPOS systems, electronic check in etc.

How We Can Help

Mail filtering software is very specialised and whilst it can never be 100% resilient due to the constant evolution and increased sophistication of ransomware being developed, it does provide a high level of protection against attack.

The software scans all incoming email before they reach your inbox to ensure they do not contain any malicious attachments, are no suspicious email addresses and filters spam to keep your inbox free of junk.

With an inbox full of junk there is also the threat of a) not seeing an important email or b) deleting one in error when removing reams of junk.  

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A security breach or being inundated with spam can be a serious problem for hospitality businesses.  If you would like to keep your email account safe and free from spam

For less than a pint of milk per week, you can protect your mailbox from ransomware.

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