sPAM AND Ransomware protection

Stop unwanted emails with our email filtration system. Spam emails are not only annoying, they can damage your hospitality business in more ways than one. Having junk emails cluttering up your inbox is annoying and reduces your productivity.

There is also the risk of deleting genuine bookings or enquiries while clearing out the spam. A more serious threat lies, however, in the way viruses and ransomware can attack your network and computer through emails.  If you are taking card payments and holding guest information, there is the risk of data breaches too.

How do Cyber Criminals Use Email?

Malicious emails work by including links or attachments that either download harmful software onto your computer or send you to websites designed to trick you into entering information like credit/debit card details or login information (called phishing).  Such emails have become increasingly sophisticated and can be sent from the mailboxes of people you know and trust or appear to come from an official source.  Once the virus, malware or ransomware gets into your computer, it can spread through your network and even send more malicious emails from your account.  All of these threats can cause serious damage to your network, cost a great deal to put right, disrupt your business and risk data breaches.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware seems to be the latest thing in cyber crime.  This software enters your computer system through an email and then encrypts all your files so you can no longer access them.  You then receive a message demanding a large sum of money to unlock the files.  Lots of businesses who have been victims of these attacks have lost access to their data permanently.  These attacks also completely cripple businesses for periods of time before they can be resolved.  This would, obviously, be disastrous if your business depends on online bookings, electronic check in systems, EPoS systems or any other computer based activity.

How We Can Help

Our mail filtering software, with the added option of link checking and anti-phishing functionality, can check all your incoming emails before they reach your inbox to ensure they don’t contain any malicious attachments.  It can also filter out spam emails to keep your inbox free from junk to stop it wasting your time or making you miss bookings or important messages.

Email security isn’t something we often associate as being important for lots of hospitality businesses but a security breach or being inundated with spam can be a serious problem for every type of business.  If you would like to keep your email account safe and free from spam