Increased Productivity

increased productivity

If you have a network that has been designed by Astaris it would have been built around your business.

If you do have a network built by Astaris you can expect minimal downtime because we will be monitoring your network 24/7 behind the scenes scanning for issues or system errors.

You can also expect that when an issue is flagged we will respond quickly to keep your business up and running. Catching problems early prevents them escalating into bigger issues that could have a knock on effect.

Constant monitoring of your network means consistent up-time which in turn means you’ll always have access to the internet, shared documents, email, VoIP phones, all the things that keeps your business ticking.

A simple equation

Network monitoring = Uptime + increased productivity = £’s

A simple solution

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Our internet connection constantly dropped out and since my business is web based it was becoming business critical.  I was recommended to Astaris through a business acquaintance who had suffered similar connectivity issues.  When I called them with the issue they provided a robust solution and it was implemented without delay.  I am pleased to report that since Astaris have managed our connectivity we have had no downtime, which means no loss of business!  I wholeheartedly would recommend their service to anyone struggling with their connectivity.

Jon Bardill

Managing Director,