Integrated Workflow

Office, home or on the road

integrated workflow

Wouldn’t it be good if your staff, regardless of location, could access the same documentation, spreadsheets, software, email and even telephone system so that work was uninterrupted?

No more memory sticks, no more calls to mobiles, no more unsecure spreadsheets attached to emails.  Everybody working as if they are sat next to one another.

Providing you have a half decent internet connection our networks seamlessly integrate everyone and everything across multiple locations or sites.

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As we acquired more and more sites outside of the South East, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the
network across multiple sites. Much of the hardware was old and inherited and the internet connections which are relied upon to integrate workflow between sites, too unreliable.

Astaris configured and deployed Cisco routers to all sites to give us reliable connectivity with business grade kit.

This gave us the ability to share documentation in the cloud, which in term increased productivity and efficiency amongst the staff. It also meant that if there was a problem at a site 300 miles the network could be reached remotely to fix it.


Steve Chapman

IT Manager, Freedom Leisure