Minimising downtime = increased productivity

minimising downtime

So how do we minimise downtime?

First and foremost if you are running a business you need a business grade connection.  Perhaps an obvious point, you would be surprised then how many business ‘inherit’ a line that is not fit for purpose.

The second thing that needs to happen is monitoring.  By monitoring the network 24/7 problems are flagged to us early and dealt with before they become serious issues.

And thirdly, how your IT network is built is crucial in ensuring that a small issue does not have a knock on effect, which could seriously compromise up-time for your business.

If you suffer downtime, loss of connection or if it’s irritatingly slow call us 01273 359133








I met Ivan, the Head of IT at Astaris at a BNI meeting in Hove. He stood up and pitched about the difficulty of losing internet connection and that affecting the EPOS terminals and credit card terminals. We have had this issue for several years and just accepted it was due to the location of Alfresco. I spoke with him and by the end of the week we had a new system installed. His communication was exceptional, and any issues that arose with the new hardware Ivan was back down to the restaurant to fix in, usually within a few hours. Ivan even looked at my personal laptop and put an antivirus on it free of charge. He has proven to be adaptable and takes the time to explain the computer jargon that I do not understand! I could not recommend Ivan and Astaris enough.


Alex Lewis

Operations Director, Alfresco Brighton Ltd