Network Security

How safe is yours?

nework security

How important is IT network security?  Let’s take your house for instance.  If you went out and left you windows and doors wide open you would be taking your chances that no one would enter and take your prize possessions.  You are much more likely to fit door and window locks to prevent that happening, wouldn’t you?

Network security is much the same.  It’s about taking preventative measures to protect the underlying infrastructure from unauthorised access or hacking as it is known. It’s also about taking pro-active measures, constantly monitoring your systems looking out for unusual activity.

It is not difficult, complicated or costly to improve your network security, but a single hack could prove to be very expensive and devastating to your business, especially if they steal your ‘prize possessions’.

Cyber crime is on the rise. Hackers are astute and non sizeist, every business is open to exploitation.  We have witnessed first hand the ruinous effect of not taking network security seriously. Want to know how secure your network is?  Call us today on 01273 359 133





Astaris re-organised the network and replaced low grade kit with business grade kit that is now reliable and fit for the purpose. They installed a reliable internet connection and wireless and support all of our desktops remotely, monitoring and maintaining them.

Our IT system was unreliable and insecure and plagued with a catalogue of recurring and irritating problems. The network re-organisation provided us with a system that has at worst, has just minutes of downtime per year.


Brandon Harris

Owner, Change Hove