Astaris IT project planning sussex


Client: Large Brazilian live music venue

Location: Covent Garden, London


Employee age range

Annual turnover

The Challenge

We were referred to Astaris for project planning by an associate as we were setting up a 13,500 sq.ft Brazillian live music venue in Covent Garden, London and the site was an empty shell. We were looking for someone to project manage the Installation and IT infrastructure of the whole fit out.

The Solution - Project Planning & Implementation

Astaris specified the IT, telephone and PDQ systems and organised for sub-contractors to install the Cat 5 cabling to their routing spec. They also planned for the comms. equipment to be securely located. They made all of the assets visible on the network so they could reach remotely and in the nine years of trading we never experienced a problem with any of the infrastructure.

Astaris also designed and developed the website which has over 15,000 visitors a month. They set up the email to prevent all spam and secured all their data with password access.

Rare as it was, if kit did go wrong Ivan or a member of his team were immediately there at the end of a phone or on site within hours to resolve the unavoidable technical or human error issues that are so frustrating in the midst of a busy service.

Alan Lorrimer

Owner, Guanabara, Covent Garden