System Monitoring & Maintenance

24 hours a day

7 days a week

system monitoring & maintenance

As the saying goes Prevention is much better than cure.

We install a clever bit of software onto your PC’s or laptops that allows us to constantly monitor your network and the health of your systems.

This pro-active monitoring means when an issue is flagged, we act immediately to prevent a little issue becoming a much bigger one.

Very often we spot a problem and resolve it before you are even aware of it. Of course we would never access your network without your permission but we respond quickly to get you back in control with little or no disruption to your working day.

We see it coming. This is pro-active IT support.

If you think prevention is better than cure, call us today on 01273 359133.



I have been pleasantly surprised by the pro-active nature of Astaris’s support and the speed of response. Very often they will raise an issue that we are not even aware of and have it sorted without delay. They have been very helpful in bringing our entire IT system up to a more modern spec in a cost effective way and also helped us with hardware and systems they did not supply. Well done and thank you.


Brandon Harris

Owner, Change Hove