About us

Who are Astaris

We are a happy team who all share a common goal and that is to provide our customers with honest, workable, collaborative solutions. We are here to share your problems and help you overcome them.

Astaris IT Support solutions to improve your IT systems
Work with us and you’ll have a reliable, robust network. You and your team can get on with your day in the knowledge that everything ‘just works’. With a proactive approach to your IT, we quietly and without disruption beaver away in the background, keeping your systems healthy with 24/7 monitoring, so that we often know about a problem before you do.

We will always look for areas where we can improve your IT systems from the smooth day to day running of your network, to reliable connectivity, money saving VoIP telephone systems, moving into the cloud, or setting you up with Gmail. Our offering to you is seamless, and delivered promptly, courteously and above all with passion, because we truly love what we do.

About the team

Astaris is run by husband and wife team Sacha & Ivan, who actually love working together. Their diverse skills complement one another’s. Ivan heads up the engineering team and has been in the IT industry for over 25 years. Sacha has a background of marketing and management, and oversees the running of the business.

The rest of the team is made up of our superstar engineers, some having been nurtured from young apprentices, some joined Astaris having already developed a wealth of knowledge and experience. Together we make a great team, we have fun, laugh lots, love a challenge and all genuinely look forward to coming to work.

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!

Meet our people

Sacha - Director of Astaris IT Support

Sacha Spencer-Phillips

Managing Director

Loves cheese, climbing into a freshly made bed, smell of cut grass, Sunday morning snuggles with my girls
Hates litter droppers, chips on shoulders, celery, hairy spiders

Ivan Spencer-Phillips

IT Director

Loves frosty mornings, taking things apart and putting them back together, films that have car chases and explosions, red wine in front of a roaring fire
Hates reality TV, people who can’t park, rudeness, Piers Morgan

Laurie - Astaris - IT Support Technician Sussex

Laurie Dunn

IT Support Engineer

Loves walks over the downs, riding my dirt bike, filming & editing
Hates Screamo music, lads on tour, fast lane hoggers

Shay Mitchell

IT Support Engineer

Loves playing football, going on holiday, sour sweets and listening to music
Hates ketchup, rain, stuck up people and seeing blood

Laurie - Astaris - IT Support Technician Sussex

Rachel Offen

IT Support Engineer

Loves coffee, walking on the downs and the beach, dogs, drawing (badly)
Hates parallel parking, raisins, being in the cold, spiders

Santiago Cajales

IT Support Engineer

Loves staying up late gaming with friends, travelling and discovering new places, animals, cooking
Hates olives, reggaeton & Cumbia music, racist people

Clare - Astaris IT Support - Accounts
Clare - Astaris IT Support - Accounts

Rachael (Ray) Howard

Operational Support & Administrator

Loves dogs of any kind, being creative and singing at the top of my lungs in the car

Hates sprouts, radio adverts and crocs
Clare - Astaris IT Support - Accounts

Clare Harrison


Loves throwing myself down a hillside on 2 wheels, fresh mountain air, positive people, a glass of red wine
Hates dog poo in public areas, snakes, wind & rain, meat