Tech Tip – Find Files By Date in Windows 10

The ‘My People’ feature in Windows 10 provides a handy way for you to access all your favorite contacts from your task-bar using the inbuilt settings and account that is linked with the email that you have used in your Windows. Here’s how to activate the feature:...

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Location Based Marketing… creepy?

MoviePass CEO, Mitch Lowe, has caused controversy by telling the Hollywood audience at the Entertainment Finance Forum that his MoviePass app can track and gather information about users before and after their trip to the movies. What is MoviePass? MoviePass, based in...

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One Hour To Take Down Illegal Content

New measures by the EU will mean that technology companies will have as little as just one hour to take down illegal and terror content, or face penalties under new legislation. Why only one hour? The new measure, which has reportedly been met with dismay by the big...

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Dropbox Integrates With Google Cloud and G-Suite

Dropbox has announced that it is now one step closer to delivering a unified home for work, by forming a new partnership with Google Cloud that will integrate G-Suite in its cloud storage. What was the problem? Dropbox had been looking for ways to respond to the need...

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Facebook Ads That Target Your Beliefs

In a new trial involving a small number of users in the UK, Facebook has said that it will be testing the targeting of adverts based on users’ specific political and religious beliefs. Why? According to Facebook, the trial will help the social media platform to...

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A warm welcome to our newest client PASH Global

A warm welcome to our newest client PASH Global PASH Global (“PASH”) is a privately held energy and infrastructure developer who advise on structure and develop, finance, own and operate energy and infrastructure projects globally. PASH is a collection of creative...

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