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Has Your Business Thought About POS Systems?

As a hospitality business owner, you know how far your industry has come in terms of technology… and POS ordering systems are becoming increasingly popular. They make the process of...
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Do spam emails waste your employees working hours?

Spam emails are an issue for everyone, individuals and businesses alike, and we have written about the many network security risks it poses to your business. Still, there are a...
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Why Free WiFi Is No Longer Considered A Luxury

Almost every major gym group in the UK offers free WiFi for its guests and members, and it’s important for smaller and independent gyms to stay competitive. In this blog...
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Are your customer’s card details safe with your business?

Many businesses accept different card merchants, take online payments, online bookings, and online orders… but are you keeping your customer's information safe? More often than not, businesses are unaware of...
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Biggest IT Issues Businesses Are Facing In 2022

Many businesses encounter lots of challenges when it comes to IT, in particular, SMEs who don’t have an internal IT team. IT can be challenging for lots of people and...
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How can restaurants reduce their carbon footprint?

It’s no secret that restaurants contribute a large amount of food waste, pollution, and more. An average of £20,000 in food waste is generated by a single venue in a...
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Making Remote Work Proactive With Technology

Why should you switch to cloud-based systems? More than ever before, the pandemic forced many businesses to work remotely, and although we thought it was temporary, some things are here...
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