IT Support

Fixed cost IT support packages, available in 3 levels PREVENTATIVE, PROACTIVE & INVOLVED.

Pricing is simple. You pay per user not per device, so for example if you have a PC, printer, iPad, laptop, Android or iPhone it’s all covered for one monthly fee.

Managed Networks

An expanding team, new premises, new hardware, requires your IT network to be scalable, adaptable and most importantly, it needs to be robust and reliable.

Project Management

Project management is a bit of a juggling act. Multiple balls in the air at any one time. We act as the bridge between management and techies to make sure that everyone is speaking the same language and that the project meets the objectives and expectations of everyone involved.

IT Consultancy from Astaris

Spam & Ransomware

Do you wade through a sea of spam every morning? Quite apart from the irritation, there is always a real risk of deleting a legitimate email and worse still ransomware lurking amongst the junk mail. Click ‘Find Out More’ to discover just how easy and inexpensive it is to protect against spam and ransomware.

IT Consultancy from Astaris

Hosted VoIP Telephone Systems

A VoIP telephone system means that you make calls over the internet rather than over the traditional phone network at significantly lower cost and with greater flexibility. We offer a fixed fee per user with unlimited calls, so you know exactly what your telecoms bill is going to be each month.  No nasty surprises and lots of additional benefits.

IT Consultancy from Astaris