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After installing a complete IT and telephony system for another venue managed by the same people, when they bought this new 7,250 square foot premises which needed the same thing, we were very pleased to help. They were very satisfied with the work on their other venue so they asked us likewise specify all the equipment they would need, plan out where it would go, and install it. We installed their computers, printers, telephone systems, and POS equipment along with everything they needed to have to have a reliable internet connection and WiFi. Because the bar is so busy and uses its IT systems for marketing, admin, and their POS system, it had to be up to the task and reliable and the busiest times. We also designed and built their website which receives 30,000 visitors a month.

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A burger franchise called us into their Hove restaurant to give them good customer WiFi. We installed Purple WiFi to give them good coverage but also allow them to collect data on their customers who log in using their social media profiles. This allows businesses to find out all about their customers in real-time so they can tailor their marketing and advertising more accurately.

Historic_pub_london (1)


This historic pub in London was getting a complete refurb so needed a whole new wireless network but were finding it very difficult to get a decent WiFi signal in the new manager's office. We investigated and found that there was interference in the wall between the wireless access point and where the manager sat in his office. With such old buildings, this sort of thing is likely to be caused by remnants of lead paint in the wall. To overcome this problem, we cabled the equipment into his office so he was not so reliant on the WiFi signal. We also gave him a docking station for his laptop and the whole problem went away.

itaian-restaurant-hove-Astaris (1)


We received a call from this popular restaurant because they kept losing internet connection and their network kept failing. Our engineers investigated the problem and found that the network equipment was located in the kitchen so was regularly subjected to high temperatures and was clogged up with grease. They also had the internet behind the pizza oven, so not only was it subjected to very high heat, it meant they had to wait for fir the very hot oven to cool down before they could reboot the router.

To fix these issues, we replaced all their equipment with business grade kit and located it away from the oven where we could keep it away from dust, grease, and hear. It has worked well ever since.

country_pub_poynings (1)


Because this pub was using tablets to take orders, had a computerised receipt printing system in the kitchen, and had all their PDQs connected to their network, having an unreliable connection was a real problem. Their countryside location meant that internet connection options were limited but we did manage to improve their situation by installing new business-grade network equipment and robust wireless access point. We gave them a separate WiFi for customers to use to keep their systems and network safe. They also had a large beer garden so we installed a WiFi system outside to allow them to use wireless connected equipment out there and to allow them to use wireless connected equipment out there and to allow customers to use the WiFi.

brazilian_music_venue_london2 (1)


Staring with a totally empty shell of 13,500 square foot venue, this customer needed us to specify and install their complete IT infrastructure. We specified all the IT, telephone, and PDQ systems and planned out where it would all be located as well as how the cabling would be routed. Our subcontractor installed the Cat 5 cabling and everything else. We ensured their network was secure and set up their email so it was secure and free from spam. Once everything was set up correctly, we made sure it was visible on their network so we could access it remotely to monitor it. In the nine years they have been in business, they have never had any problems with the infrastructure we installed. In addition, we designed and developed their website which recieves over 15,000 visitors a month.