“It has been brilliant working with Ivan, Sacha and their team recently. They have implemented and delivered all of our IT networking solutions for Boys Hall. Speedy, efficient and affective service.”

Boys Hall

Bradley Lomas, Business owner

“Astaris have taken the stress and headache out of the IT aspect of our business. While IT and a strong and reliable internet connection and wifi network are key to the successful running of the business, it is not something I want to focus on.

Astaris have improved and then maintained our systems and have always been at hand if problems arose.
I do not hesitate to recommend them.”

Underground Gym

Alan McGuiness, Business owner

“I’ve known Astaris for years so I knew I could rely on them to do a great job on installing a complete network solution at my venue.

From a completely empty shell, they installed everything we needed for a really reliable network including a leased line and a failover connection.

They also supplied us with all the PCs and phone system equipment we needed and now maintain it so it keeps working well for us. We were so pleased with how it all worked that we asked them to do the same thing at a second venue we opened.”

The Piano Works

Alan Lorrimer, Business Group owner

“Astaris IT (UK) has provided our Charity, Home Headquarters and Museum with outstanding service for over a decade. Expert, patient, cost-effective and market-leading, Astaris consistently provide state-of-the-Art professionalism “24/7″. So, as a Charity that aims to provide fast welfare solutions globally, we are truly grateful. Household Cavalry Foundation.”

Household Cavalry Foundation

Giles Stibbe OBE, Director

I would like to say a big thank you for your services and great interactions we had.
I enjoyed every bit of it and you made our transition to a new office so much easier by not only being ready to help when needed but being very professional, friendly and always mindful of time constraints.

Hit Training

Virgil Chelu, Service Engineer

“We got Astaris in to install a decent WiFi system for us because it is very important for us to be able to capture customer data for marketing purposes.”

Burger King

Burger King Jason Kennedy, Franchise group owner

“After having a nightmare with the connection at The Ten Bells, I got Astaris in to sort it out and they needed to replace pretty much everything so I took up their Complete Care Package which allowed me to pay for it all monthly.

This was handy because I was opening up other venues at the time and got Astaris in to install all the network stuff at The Lock Tavern and The Gun too.

The WiFi was a problem at The Gun because it had lead in the walls but Astaris managed to sort it by using a wired system.”

East London Pub Co – The Ten Bells, The Lock Tavern, The Gun, Coqbull Soho, Coqbull Spitalfields, The Saxon

Graham Harris, Business group owner

The team at Astaris always have the knowledge and resources to provide expert advice and timely solutions to our IT issues. Highly recommended A***

Sunshine Day Nursery

Steve Cox, Business owner

“Astaris offered to adopt us as their local charity. Since then we have transitioned as an organisation to Microsoft 365/Sharepoint Cloud-based working, become a Google Not for Profit and Microsoft charity partner, equipped all our staff with remote working facilities and their own laptops and replaced the spaghetti junction horrorshow that claimed to be our computer network with a nice neat cabinet.

Astaris staff have visited the office, have become firm friends and have sympathetically assisted less technical members of staff who may be stuck in the analogue/digital no man’s land.

Definitely one of the best things to happen for us as a charity in 2020 – and a crucial step forward because of the social restrictions we now have to work within.”

Off The Fence Homeless Charity

Roy Stannard Head of Income Generation

“Astaris contribution to the day to day operations of our charity has been fundamental in bringing about digital transformation. systems, hardware, and software had not been upgraded for many years, and when we moved into Covid lockdown our existing supplier was unable to support us with moving into the new normal.

The patience, expertise and kindness, and critical thinking of the Astaris team has revolutionalised our ability to have operable, manageable, and expandable systems that work for now and into the future. At every corner, they’ve been willing to meet a variety of complex requirements and have been willing to operate flexibly around our needs, which in turn enables us to concentrate on the work we do confident in the knowledge that we are supported and strengthened by a solid and dependable provider and supporter.”

Life Centre

Jacob Whiteside

“Our Point of Sale system wasn’t working properly and causing us serious problems at busy times and, apparently, this was due to our wireless network not working properly. Astaris came in and fixed it for us and often help us with various IT related bits and pieces. They always give us a good service.”

Marroccos Restaurant

Peter Marrocco, Business owner

“We were very pleased with the work Astaris did on our No 32 Duke Street restaurant to sort out the network connectivity and keep our POS system working properly so when we opened Third Avenue, we asked them to fit it out with everything we needed network-wise for us. They did a great job and everything’s been working really well and it was helpful that we could pay for it on a monthly basis rather than having a big lump sum to pay when we were just getting the place set up.”

Third Avenue Restaurant

Ben Semandi, Business owner

“Because we’re always out and about doing stuff, we needed an email service that we could access remotely and didn’t want to be bothered with spam all the time.

Astaris set up Google Workspace for us so we don’t get any spam and it’s really easy for us to access from anywhere.”

Loud Shirt Brewing Co

Mike Thomson, Business owner

“After having an absolute disaster where our card machines gave out on a Friday night and we lost a huge amount of money, we got the Astaris guys in to fit us out with some decent kit, sort our lines out and get it all working properly.

They gave us a backup connection too so we won’t be left in that situation again.

Thank god!”

Shooshh Nightclub

Albie, Business owner

“Astaris look after our computer systems for us with antivirus and email security and all that. We don’t have any problems with it so we’re happy.”

The Fountain Pub

Alex Tipping, Business owner

“We’ve always had grief with our WiFi and when we opened a second floor, we got Astaris in to install new wireless access points and new wireless equipment to get it all working properly. There were a few problems initially but they turned up the same day to sort them out and got it all working smoothly.”

The Joker Pub

Daniel Wright, Business owner

“I gave Astaris quite a hard task to fit out my gym with everything we needed for a decent computer network because I had quite a tight budget and a very tight time frame. I doubted they’d do it and get everything working properly for when we opened, to be honest. They came through and its been great. I thoroughly recommend them.”

Three Sixty Fitness

Chris Kraszewski, Business owner

“Astaris were able to set up a new WiFi and internet connection in our gym, from installation to the ongoing maintenance we now have a good connection that is reliable. Astaris have been fantastic throughout, I would definitely recommend!”

Adapt Fitness

Wesley Atkinson, Business owner

“I’m very grateful to Astaris for sorting out the internet in my café because it was driving me round the twist. The PDQs kept cutting out and I had customers complaining that the WiFi wasn’t good. The equipment and wiring that was there already just wasn’t up to the task so Astaris replaced it all and let me spread out the payments for it with their complete care plan. It means they looked after it too so it was a really handy option.”

Carats Café

Chris Kraszewski, Business owner