What is the best WiFi for restaurants?

Astaris uses Meraki and splash access. These provide good coverage throughout the venue, WiFi devices can roam throughout the building without running into issues, and they are highly reliable.

You can also set alerts if you experience any issues (wireless access points get unplugged, internet goes off, etc.) They are simple for your guests to use whilst remaining secure and PCI compliant.

What is the best WiFi for gyms?

Astaris provides Meraki and splash access for both hospitality and leisure businesses. It allows for the same top of the range connection to allow your leisure business to run smoothly.

Why is the internet slow in my restaurant?

Lots of hospitality and leisure businesses face problems with their network. This could be caused by one of two things:

  • The internet running into your building is slow/unreliable.
  • The network inside your building has been poorly configured or isn’t working properly, in this case, upgrading to a more reliable network like the ones astaris provides will solve this issue.

If you are experiencing slow internet, click here to see what’s available to you to help.

Are there IT support packages for restaurants?

Astaris provides an ‘all you can eat’ approach when it comes to hospitality IT support packages. We cover everything including computers, wireless, internet, receipt printers, kitchen printers and everything else.

It is beneficial to use one supplier who can provide support that is consistently priced and reliable. Astaris understands the bibles of Zonal, TISSL, Lightspeed, ICR touch, etc… and can offer support to keep your systems running smoothly.

Find out more about our IT support packages.

Are there IT support packages for gyms?

Similar to hospitality support, Astaris can provide complete care packages for everything from wireless to PCs. Astaris have the knowledge and understanding to support leisure-specific systems such as MyZone, Technogym, and more and will keep your leisure business running smoothly.

Find out more about our IT support packages.

What kind of businesses do you provide IT support for?

Astaris provides support for a wide range of businesses across the hospitality and leisure sectors, including nightclubs, restaurants, bars, large music venues, gyms, leisure centres, and other entertainment businesses.

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What locations do you cover?

Astaris covers various areas across London and the South East, including Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey, Brighton & Hove, West Sussex, East Sussex, and Hampshire.