After the storm

14th April 2020

Like all businesses, there is a huge difference between the “pre-Corona” life and the “under lockdown” life.

What comes after this can and will be debated endlessly.

One thing is clear though. The events of recent weeks won’t be forgotten.

The really bad snow a few winters ago where we were all unable to get into work etc? We sort of remember, but the memory has long since faded. The same won’t be said of Corona.


There will be 2 types of businesses in a post-Corona world.

  1. Those suppliers and businesses that have shown courage and determination in doing everything that they can to help their customers. Often going above and beyond.
  2. Those suppliers and businesses who haven’t actually helped.
    They’ve failed to deliver and have acted in an unhelpful robotic corporate manner.


Those who are in the 1st category will emerge from this exhausted, but knowing that they’ve done all they could. Customers will likely recall their efforts.

Those who are in the 2nd category will emerge with healthy bank balances, but customers are going to loathe and distrust them. Their corporate indifference will have ruined the trust in their brand, and in the medium / longer term that will prove markedly detrimental.

We suspect that those in the 2nd category will also be completely mystified as to why, post-Corona, their marketing efforts don’t seem to be getting the same results as pre-Corona and an increased proportion of their customers actively dislike them.


No business is going to get their response to this completely correct, but trying hard to make sure you’re in the 1st category and not the 2nd seems to be the way forward.

As far as we can see our customers are all in the 1st category. We are trying as hard as possible to be 1st category as well.

We know most of our suppliers are also there. We also know that a minority  of our suppliers are disappointingly definitely in the 2nd  category.



Photo Credit
Jon Tyson