People go to the gym to relax and unwind, to stay fit and healthy or to stay in shape. In a busy world it’s a big ask to carve out a few hours to yourself and once you have you don’t want to be waiting at a reception desk for minutes at a time. Efficient and fast IT systems ensure that your members can do what they came for – spend time away from their hectic life.

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IT Support

As a new business or start-up, you won’t have an internal IT department. That’s where we come in. You can sign up to our complete support package for a fixed fee each month or call us on an ad hoc basis to support with new equipment, networks, repair a fault or secure your emails and data.


Because maintaining a connection to the internet is so important, we can help set up and maintain a reliable internet connection that won’t let you down when you need it most.


We install superior quality WiFi equipment to ensure you get complete coverage with no annoying dead spots.


VoIP telephone systems allow users to make calls over the internet which is much cheaper than regular phone lines. Our VoIP telephone systems are really simple to use and give fantastic functionality that can be set up to suit you.


We can help new businesses and start-ups choose the right cloud-based IT solution. If you’ve got an internet connection, you’ll be able to access email, files, CRM, business applications, telephone systems and company information at any time of day.

Gym Packages



  • Unlimited Phone and Remote Support
  • Monitoring and Security Updates
  • Anti-Virus and Ransomware Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • Reporting, Backup and Network Support
  • Fraud Testing/Prevention



  • Maintenance – System Health Checks
  • Anti-Virus and Software
  • Regular Security Patching
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Security Updates


£55.00 per person

  • Unlimited Phone and Remote Support
  • Monitoring and Security Updates
  • Anti-Virus and Ransomware Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • Reporting, Backup, Network Support and Fraud Testing/Prevention
  • Site Visits Included


“Astaris have taken the stress and headache out of the IT aspect of our business. While IT and a strong and reliable internet connection and WIFI network are key to the successful running of the business, it is not something I want to focus on.

Astaris have improved and then maintained our systems and have always been at hand if problems arose.

I do not hesitate to recommend them.”

Underground Gym

Alan McGuiness, Business owner

“I gave Astaris quite a hard task to fit out my gym with everything we needed for a decent computer network because I had quite a tight budget and a very tight time frame. I doubted they’d do it and get everything working properly for when we opened, to be honest. They came through and its been great. I thoroughly recommend them.”

Three Sixty Fitness

Chris Kraszewski, Business owner

“Astaris were able to set up a new WiFi and internet connection in our gym, from installation to the ongoing maintenance we now have a good connection that is reliable. Astaris have been fantastic throughout, I would definitely recommend!”

Adapt Fitness

Wesley Atkinson, Business owner


Just like a strong core is key to any workout, IT needs to be core to your gym. Your members are there to break a sweat but that doesn’t mean you should be sweating over poor WiFi, booking systems that take 350 reps to load or music that doesn’t inspire a workout. That where we come in. Astaris are a dedicated IT partner for leisure businesses helping you to deliver the perfect gym experience.

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