Business WIFI

Decent WiFi coverage is vital in the hospitality industry nowadays.  Not only do the majority of hotels, nightclubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants have EPoS systems, booking systems and other vital parts of their business that depend on reliable WiFi, lots of customers have come to expect decent WiFi signal for their use too.

The two main problems our hospitality clients, that are based in London and all over Sussex, come to us to solve are unreliable WiFi and patchy WiFi that doesn’t adequately cover their whole premises so staff and customers complain of losing signal in certain areas.  Unsecure WiFi networks are another common problem we encounter.

To overcome these problems, we install business grade wireless access points in the right places to ensure total coverage of reliable, secure WiFi even in large, awkward shaped or historical buildings.  We make sure the internal and external WiFi networks are kept completely separate so customers aren’t able to access your secure internal network. The wireless access points we recommend allow for up to four secure networks, so one could be for staff, one for customers, one for EPOS and a specific one for venue events. The wireless access points can also be set up for Facebook login for data collection and venue marketing too.

We have a great deal of experience in providing WiFi coverage for pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes in Brighton, all over Sussex, London and beyond so would be very pleased to speak to you if you have any requirements in that area.