Complete Care Package

We set up our Complete Care Package as we recognised the struggle our clients faced when opening a new / 2nd hospitality venue in terms of budget and the high upfront costs associated with starting up a new venture.

We will purchase business grade network equipment, literally everything you need to get your hospitality business up and running, including ordering your internet and phone lines etc.

We’ll give you a really reliable network on which to trade and you get to spread the cost over 24 or 36 months, providing financial relief at a time when budget is limited and there is monetary strain.

All the Hardware you Need

Buying everything you need to get your Sussex hospitality business connected to the rest of the world via the internet and telephony can be very expensive indeed.  If you need computers to take bookings, check in guests, organise your marketing, communicate with customers and staff and help organise your whole operation, getting the right specification with all the necessary peripheries isn’t easy.

Getting the wrong kit for your operation can cause huge problems and end up costing you much more than it should in the long run.  When you involve us from the very start, we learn all about your business and your requirements so we can buy in everything you need and allow you to pay for it over a fixed term contract with only a small lump sum up front.  We retain ownership of the equipment until the end of the contract so it is our responsibility to ensure it keeps working properly.

Installation Tailored to Your Establishment

Getting your network, computers and phone services set up properly to suit how you are intending to use them can save you a great deal of expense and hassle later on.  Once we have purchased all the hardware you need on your behalf, we install it to be secure, reliable and perfectly suited to your needs.  You don’t need to worry about any set up fees, line rental costs, delivery charges or call charges to UK landlines and mobiles as we will take care of all of this for you.

Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs

If your system, once it is up and running, does require any updating, maintenance or repairs, we will do all that for you at no extra cost.  We monitor your system so we can address any small faults before they become problematic and will replace any hardware that stops working properly unless it has been physically damaged or stolen.  As part of our complete care package for hospitality businesses in London or locally in and around Sussex, we offer unlimited support so we can also answer any questions about your system throughout the duration of your contract.

With our complete care package, you can see exactly what your internet, computer and telephone costs are going to be for the first two years of running your establishment so it is very easy to budget knowing you won’t get any nasty shocks in that area.  We know from experience that putting in IT equipment that is not business grade and using cheap internet connections that your business is entirely reliant on to trade can be a very expensive mistake to make.  Trading is constantly disrupted, EPOS don’t function, you can’t take money or place kitchen orders and customers will walk.

As starting a new venture, or new venue, involves so much work and so much to think about, we are pleased to be able to take the IT and telephony worries away.