Half of us don’t check contactless amount

A new study by money management app Yolt has found that nearly half of UK shoppers (48%) don’t always check the amount before they tap to pay via contactless. Switch to contactless The implications of the findings of the study are so significant because the UK has...

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AI cracks Captcha

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm has been developed that can fool the Captcha website security check system by mimicking how the brain processes images and visual clues. CAPTCHA Most of us will be familiar with the Captcha system that requires us to prove...

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Cash from cloud bigger than expected

A Gartner report shows evidence that revenues from the public cloud look likely to grow by 18.5% this year, and could top $260 Billion. Public cloud The ‘public cloud’ refers to the service whereby companies / individuals can access virtual machines (VMs),...

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