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Hospitality Trends In 2022

New year, new trends? It seems that way… with 2021 setting the tone for what customers expect from restaurants, what can they expect from you this year? Let’s take a...
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Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over The World Of Fitness?

A gym owner's favorite rise in cases is the January gym sign-up surge, and it is creeping up on us… With less than two weeks to go until the new...
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Astaris’ Past, Present & Secure Future

From 'break-fix' IT to fully managed IT services, Astaris' IT director Ivan Spencer-Phillips talks all things VPN, cyber-security & ransomware in this Privacy News Online interview. To read the full...
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Email Security

In this tech insight, we take a look at the many threats to email security that businesses face and what businesses can do to mitigate them, together with what help...
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Is Your Domestic WiFi Offering Enough Security?

“You get what you pay for” often rings true, and you can’t put a price on security. Taking a look at some of the issues that come with domestic-style WiFi...
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Say goodbye to copper landlines

Why are they being phased out? Telephone wires have been in existence for over 100 years, and they have served us well. With the fast acceleration of development in technology,...
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Apple’s New ‘Business Essentials’

Device Management Solution For Small Businesses Aimed at business with up to 500 employees, Apple says that ‘Business Essentials’ has been designed to make it easy to manage every aspect...
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Apple Introduces “Self-Service Repair”, Starting With iPhone 12 and iPhone

Initial Phase Apple says that the initial phase of the programme, beginning in the US early next year, will be for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, and will focus...
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