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Draytek ACS & False Positive Alerts

The Draytek ACS platform has several flavours. One of which is the hosted-by-Draytek option. Following update of firmware on assorted Draytek models, including the 2860 / 2860n models to firmware...
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This Is Why Hospitality Is Unsustainable

"Meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” is the textbook definition of sustainability. We often think of the effects...
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What You Need To Know About About Nightclub Security

With security concerns arising in the past few weeks amongst club goers, spiking has always been around, but is the issue getting out of control? Find out how you can...
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This Is Why The Hospitality Sector Is Suffering

The hospitality industry has faced its own set of unique challenges over the last 2 years but has it opened a pandora’s box of issues that won’t simply fizzle away...
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Escaping The Theft Of €150,000

We often talk about the importance of taking measures to protect your business’s email inbox, but is the proof in the pudding? Absolutely! The rundown One of Astaris’ customers, a...
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The Ultimate IT Membership

The training program What does professionally managed IT mean? Let’s break it down. Having your IT professionally managed by Astaris means we’ll take all the stress and trouble out of...
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Microsoft Hikes Prices

Microsoft has announced that from March 1st 2022, it will increase the prices of its Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscription plans. How Much? Microsoft says that the price rises,...
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Technology & Natasha’s Law

What is Natasha’s law? Natasha’s law is a new law coming into effect in October 2021, it relates to food hygiene and safety. In particular, how pre-packaged food is labeled...
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Protecting Your Business From Spam & Ransomware

Just like every other industry, the hospitality is changing its systems and how they operate and going completely digital. But with that comes risks, the increased risk of spam and...
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