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Mimecast, GSuite – inbound DKIM/ SPF & DMARC

Hopefully this will save someone else a lot of hassle and headaches. Setup: Mimecast in front of GSuite Issue: Some incoming emails, from reputable providers ( / etc) were...
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Aloha EPoS – digitisation of hospitality: what can you expect?

The hospitality sector is changing.  Aloha EPoS believes a “generational shift” is occurring in the way human beings are buying food and drink. As and Deliveroo become targets for...
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How to leverage customer loyalty with SBS EPoS

SBS EPOS’ latest technologies are putting customer loyalty front and centre. They understand that loyalty is an imperative feature within the EPoS interactivity experience and within the venue by providing...
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Why hospitality needs to utilise “Click & Collect” meal services

As market data highlights, off-premises food sales are becoming a profitable endeavour within the hospitality sector. The power of web-based apps and their associated ordering technologies along with the rapid...
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Coffee – a growing consumer mindset that Casio wants small artisan coffee shops to exploit

According to the British Coffee Association, coffee is a major growth market in the UK with a predicted 4.7% growth in 2020/21. Casio, the eponymous EPOS manufacturer argues that with...
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Will AI change the EPoS experience?

Are you pondering the future of your EPoS infrastructure? As artificial intelligence and machine learning start to take fruition within the EPOS sector, how will these new and innovative technologies...
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Choosing an affordable EPoS platform for your start-up

When setting up a hospitality business, the EPOS platform you choose will be a central part of your business’s success. Therefore, you need to pick the right EPoS platform with...
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Three myths surrounding EPoS systems

Any business, from any facet of the retail or hospitality industries, would agree that introducing a new electronic point of sale management system into your business can seem incredibly daunting....
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Lloyds Pharmacy unroll new Aures EPoS architecture

Lloyds Pharmacy, the community and retail pharmacist group, has finally completed its national EPoS roll-out across its entire UK and Ireland retail estates. The new EPoS roll-out included its entire...
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