Aloha EPoS – digitisation of hospitality: what can you expect?

14th October 2019

The hospitality sector is changing.  Aloha EPoS believes a “generational shift” is occurring in the way human beings are buying food and drink. As and Deliveroo become targets for acquisition from giants like Amazon, the hospitality sector must start to realise that change is mandatory for survival.

The average British consumer has, at their digital disposal, a range of platforms from JustEat to Hungry Horse, from PayPal to UCook, all of which provide gateway amenities to hospitality services. They are transforming the high street and how people engage with the hospitality sector. This challenging marketplace requires a new business model.

The foundation of any change is based on EPoS technology. Aloha EPoS believes the right EPoS software can enable businesses to leverage their traditional bricks and mortar services and engage with vital new revenue streams that delivery services like Deliveroo can help nurture.

But from a footfall perspective, digitisation and new EPoS technologies can help reduce human error by creating self-serving kiosks that are connected with your EPoS platform. They can order, you can make, and they can pick up and go.

However, Aloha has three ways in which a great EPoS platform can really help companies survive this digital tsunami:

  1. Labour Costs. Aloha EPoS technologies can provide detailed reporting tools that showcase the staffing demands of your business. It can model past behaviours to help you predict future experiences.
  2. Aloha EPoS have partnered up with KitchenCUT within its EPoS software to help create technology that tracks allergen risks down to ingredient levels and helps to cost dishes accurately.
  3. Swift and Satisfying Customer Service. By offering table-side ordering and payment-taking handheld devices, customers can experience your brand with ease.

If you’d like to find out more about Aloha’s hospitality EPoS software and how it could help your hospitality business grow in an ever-changing digital landscape, watch this video today.  To run systems like this, you need a reliable and fast internet connection and network.  Astaris can provide you with and maintain such a network for you.