Say goodbye to copper landlines

24th November 2021

Why are they being phased out?

Telephone wires have been in existence for over 100 years, and they have served us well. With the fast acceleration of development in technology, it’s time for an upgrade.

Underground lines are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, therefore, phasing them out may seem like a drastic measure to take but a VoIP solution is a much better fit for the future. 

I’m sure we’ve all been there with a line that’s cutting out, switching to internet-based solutions aims to improve call quality for all users with VoIP alternatives (voice over internet protocol).

A survey that took place in April of this year found that approximately 40% of people in the UK have stopped using landlines already, and this just shows people are enjoying the benefits of internet-based phone systems.

What will be replacing them?

As internet connections are becoming a lot stronger and therefore, increasingly popular, VoIP telephone systems are being introduced by telecom companies. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, it uses 100% digital technology sending voice calls as data in contrast to traditional physical landlines.

Switching to VoIP particularly for businesses comes with a range of benefits including:

From 2023 (in most cases) you won’t be able to order a new PSTN or ISDN telephone system, so get ahead of the panic buying and get your VoIP systems sorted soon!

How are businesses affected?

Without realising, a lot of business’s technology relies on the internet. Things like EPOS machines, CCTV, door entry systems, and more. Upgrading your telephones to VoIP has never come at a better time, making the transition from landlines to the internet means your entire network is in one place and easy to maintain.

Roughly 42% of SMEs and 33% of larger firms haven’t made the switch to an internet-based telephone system as of yet. 

Astaris offers hosted VoIP telephones, including hardware, installation, and ongoing support and maintenance to help your business make the transition. Astaris’ service, in particular, comes with a wide range of benefits:

Who else will be affected?

Alarm companies, traffic light systems, emergency pendants, payment terminals, and more will also be affected by the switch off. These are considered ‘special services’ and will have to be tested by equipment manufacturers to ensure they still work efficiently.

However, the effects on businesses are purely positive and all essential and special facilities will be in place to support these special services throughout the transition and beyond.

So why wait? Switch to VoIP now and start enjoying the benefits of an internet-based alternative!