Coffee – a growing consumer mindset that Casio wants small artisan coffee shops to exploit

14th October 2019

According to the British Coffee Association, coffee is a major growth market in the UK with a predicted 4.7% growth in 2020/21. Casio, the eponymous EPOS manufacturer argues that with 20 consecutive years of sales and major year-on-year growth from both branded and independent players, the market already has 7,500 independent players and space for more by 2023.

The growing demand explained

Some sector research indicates there is a further demand for 1,300 extra independent coffee shops by 2023 to help match market demand for artisan and gourmet coffee.

The branded coffee chain has dominated the UK market. However, the independent artisan coffee shop has grown thanks to a range of different factors ranging from branded coffee getting negative fall out from tax avoidance to employee rights. Furthermore, growing consumer interest, locally focused artisan coffee shops and the power of social media to influence local factors have helped to drive home the success story surrounding ‘Artisan’ coffee shops as a movement.

Changing appetites – hybridisation

The independent coffee sector’s growth has found success through hybridisation – creating hybrid experiences that infuse ‘Artisan’ coffee drinking culture with other experiences including Yoga classes, bookstores and furniture stores.

‘Unbranded’ anti-commercial experiences

Another element gleaned from the research is that ‘third spaces’ – unbranded ‘Artisan’ coffee spaces – can provide coffee lovers with a space that matches their own personal identities especially in a post-commercialisation landscape. The ‘Artisan’ coffee shop, in stark contrast to the branded coffee shop experience’, places the individual at the heart of the visiting experience. The coffee shop therefore becomes an homage to anti-cultural millennials that places atmosphere, great coffee and fast WiFi before branding.

Using Casio’s knowledge-base to leverage market success

Casio believes their EPOS systems can help independent ‘artisan’ coffee shops thrive by providing customer data that can help focus an independent brand in terms of providing loyalty campaigns, boosting profitability and increasing repeat visits by leveraging the power of your business’s own metrics.

Casio can also provide a range of low-cost EPOS systems tailored to the uniqueness of artisan coffee shop retailing by tailoring the experience for the operator’s needs. If you’d like to find out how coffee could help boost your profits, click here to read Casio’s in-depth research.

All of these systems require a reliable network and, as fast WiFi is becoming such a priority to independent coffee shop customers, we can provide coffee shops in Brighton and the rest of Sussex with the right connectivity solutions to help keep them ahead of the trend.  Speak to the Astaris team for any help with your existing network or to install a brand new one.