EPoS Now asks: is your EPoS platform a liability?

24th July 2019

One of the most problematic phrases a small business owner can say is, “We’ve always done it that way”. Comfort destroys aspiration and therein destroys a company’s ability to grow successfully. So, with EPoS Now asking if your EPoS platform is a negative or positive for your business, you really need to evaluate how you look at your POS experience?

Any legacy POS setup could have negative implications for your business growth needs. As Cloud POS technologies, along with changing mobile payment systems, have revolutionised the way retail, hospitality and other sectors interact with customer payment experiences, you need to understand how this change could help your business thrive.

As an SME owner, stepping outside of your current EPoS system is a bit like stepping out of your comfort zone. Perhaps the best way to look at this question is to better understand a key concern – is your current POS easy to use? This isn’t just about how front-of-house staff interact but also how back-office functionality intersects with your day-to-day management. The main purpose of the EPoS technology is to process sales throughout the entire life cycle from procurement to end-sale.

Then you need to ask yourself, does my EPoS system give my customers a great customer transaction experience? If you answer no to both these questions you need to then think about how accessible your current setup is. Can you access your EPoS technology remotely via an app? Does your EPoS system give you freedom to grow or is it restrictive?

By answering these questions, you can better understand the practical and physical limitations of your current EPoS experience. This can help inform a practical upgrade allowing you give great customer experiences to better manage your sales processes and to help your brand and business grow.

To find out more about EPoS Now’s Liability Checker, please click here

If you’re having trouble with your EPoS system cutting out at busy times or failing to connect to authorise payments, it may be your network at fault.  If so, we’d be happy to replace your current network set up with a fast and reliable connection.