Google Workspace

25th February 2021

Google doesn’t let Workspace / GSuite customers change how they’re being billed.

For instance customers who are being billed by Google Germany, can not alter the billing to be Google UK in GBP.

However, this issue can be solved by transferring their subscription to a reseller, and the reseller billing them (the reseller will be billed by Google UK) therefore the customer will be paying the correct amount for the subscription in GBP.

Resellers bill the same retail price as Google UK would charge, and there are no additional costs to transfer a subscription, and no changes in functionality.


3 things they have to be aware of


1. When requesting for this change to be made, it can only be done by the admin in their existing Google Gsuite / Workspace.

2. If customers want more licences, they cannot add these themselves, the resellers add them (usually on the same day), to ensure they’re being billed the correct amount.

3. If customers have PREPAID Google for Workspace – they will loose any prepaid period. so if the customer bought for 12 months in May 2020 and they move 28th February 2021 to a reseller, they will loose March, April and May 2021 (and will have to pay twice). So transferring at the end of the prepay period is usually best (either at the end of the 12 months or the end of their monthly billing cycle with Google).