How Is Your Business Staying Secure?

17th August 2022

Data is one of the most valuable things for any business, and there are no more files going missing from the cabinet, it’s all stored in the magic of ‘the cloud’. We get it, data isn’t exciting and is often forgotten about, but losing it could have devastating effects on your business, let’s talk about how you can keep it safe and protected.

Having the right basic IT 

IT covers an umbrella of topics from WiFi to managed IT support. Having the right equipment and software that are specially designed for businesses can play a huge role in keeping your data secure.

For example, the WiFi you use in your business should be different from the one in your home. WiFi designed for businesses (such as Cisco-Meraki or Ubiquti) comes with a lot more security features and updates which will continue to further enhance those security features. Let’s break it down, all information processed using this WiFi (orders, customer information, credit card details, and other confidential customer details) need extra security to help protect this data. 

By investing in professional equipment such as WiFi you are giving yourself that extra peace of mind (and avoiding potential data protection fines!)

The same goes for your IT support, having professionals who understand your field and know how to service your business properly. Companies, like Astaris, also understand the importance of prevention. Working to reduce the risks before they happen means less chance of running into security-related issues, which leads us to the next point…

Is your email inbox really safe?

An astonishing 54% of all ransomware attacks are a result of a phishing email and this is preventable! Phishing can’t be a threat to your business if they don’t enter your email inbox in the first place.

Spam and ransomware protection keep your inbox safe by using advanced mail filtering software (in simple terms – filtering through your emails, detecting ones that could potentially be spam and deleting them) clever right? 

This also helps protect against the second biggest cause of ransomware attacks which is poor user practice (responsible for 27% of attacks). So removing them completely eliminates the risk of clicking on malicious links and attachments.

Astaris are partners with online training provider KnowBe4, which help you and your employees know what malicious emails look like (no email filtering can ever offer 100% protection, as these attacks are becoming more intelligent and more likely to end up in your inbox) it will also test your employees with fake ransomware emails to see how good they are getting at spotting the telltale signs.

Deleted, lost, or stolen files?

Although it’s more difficult to ‘accidentally’ delete a file with the way technology has evolved, it’s still possible. Or in a more sinister case they are lost or stolen, the effects this can have on a business trying to recover them can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive.

Datto is a company Astaris has partnered with that in simple terms offers data protection for when things go wrong. They are securely stored so if worst-case scenario your data was lost, it’s easily recovered.

More often than not, the cost of losing the data and getting it back far outweighs the cost of the ransom price from the cyber criminals, and if you are able to get your data back safely, paying the ransom fee isn’t even an option to be considered.

Do you have a VPN?

Your business certainly can function without a VPN, but does that mean that it should?

With the world leaning more and more into hybrid and remote working, a VPN is an essential aspect in protecting your data.

VPN stands for virtual private network, meaning any information exchanged over an internet connection (passwords, emails, data, and more) and the computer their working from is encrypted. This helps your employees use their own domestic WiFi to remain secure when working from home or remotely (public WiFi cannot always be reliable and secure).

All in all?

It can seem like a lot to do, but it needn’t be. Investing in IT support packages means every aspect of your IT is covered, and all of this can be included in your package.

It is much easier to prevent these security threats than it is to go through trying to rectify them. Not to mention the cost and downtime to your business. Why not find out for free today where the barriers need to be built in your business to keep it safe. Head over to Astaris’ website to find out more.