IT Support For Charities & Not For Profits

29th January 2023

Finding an IT partner who can support the needs of your charity or not-for-profit organisation can be challenging. Keeping the money inside your organisation is essential so you can support those who need you the most, that’s why Astaris have the perfect IT solution. we support you so you can support them… We’re breaking down all the things you need to know about IT support in this blog post.

How will IT support benefit me?

IT creeps more and more into our daily lives, and almost every single company or organisation relies heavily on its IT network to run efficiently. 

Charities and not-for-profit time and money are extremely precious, and keeping it for what matters most will help you provide the best support in your sector. Let’s take a look at what aspects of your IT should be a top priority.

Reliable & low maintenance – Having IT that simply just works and doesn’t need constant repairs and attention, having engineers on-site fixing things that are going wrong can be expensive and time-consuming so having reliable and fast equipment is really important. 

We would always recommend an IT support provider who can provide remote support. In most cases with the right technology and software, IT issues can be fixed in hours or even minutes from a head office. Not only is it quicker for you, but it’s going to be more cost-effective than paying a call-out or daily fee.

Security – A lot of charities and not-for-profits offer support to vulnerable groups of people, and protecting their privacy and confidentiality is really important. Having the right security measures in place is the best way of making sure your clients are protected.

It’s not only external risks such as email breaches but also allows you to manage who internally in your team has access to what information, meaning only people who need to see can be given access, helping to maintain as much confidentiality as possible.

Financial benefits – As already mentioned, every penny matters in these situations, and not only will have the right security benefit you financially and efficiently in the long run, but it will also protect you against large fees that are associated with data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other GDPR threats.

What do Astaris’ existing charities take from us?

Astaris has many clients in this sector, ranging from independent charities to nationwide not-for-profits and Astaris have been able to provide the perfect solution for all of them no matter how big or small.

One of our major not-for-profit clients, a nationwide, government-funded drug and alcohol recovery organisation is one of our biggest VoIP telephone system clients. With their offices, centers, and support facilities being all over the country it was important to them to choose an IT support provider that gave them the option of being scalable and flexible.

With things always changing, so are their phone systems. Additionally, migration or relocation can be easily done at our office meaning a smoother transition for them.

Other, slightly smaller charities benefit hugely from our IT support services. Their time and budget are extremely valuable so keeping their IT updated at all times means they can spend less time and money on fixing IT issues. We run constant checkups on all of their devices, have set up content filtering for added security, unlimited access to our helpdesk and IT engineers, not to mention lots more.

If you want to know how you can keep your charity’s IT proactive and secure, get in touch with our team today.