New Technology Gracing Hospitality?

21st July 2021

Robots taking over…?

Automated kitchen operations are making an appearance in commercial kitchens. The lack of human error means kitchens will be able to work at maximum capacity and become much more efficient and will help businesses to run on a lot less staff.

With the likes of the automated burger chef “Flippy” and “the Briggos coffee robot” already making a stance in the United States, and producing up to 100 barista standard coffees every hour, it’s only a matter of time before we see this kind of technology appearing in UK restaurants.

Although there is some concern about technology taking over human job roles in an already challenging time for people seeking employment, the hospitality industry is facing a nationwide staff shortage of approximately 200,000 workers so having technology aside to assist is a game-changer for those who are short-staffed post pandemic.

The Sensee System

People are more conscious now than ever before about their health and safety, and with 5**** food hygiene ratings becoming increasingly popular in our favourite restaurants, you could end up losing a frightening amount of customers without one.

The Sensee System is the newest technology in commercial kitchen health and safety, with innovative submarine technology that allows fridge and freezer temperature recordings to be stored in a cloud-based system and can be downloaded anytime, anywhere. Accurate, 24 hour recordings of your fridge and freezer temperatures are just a click away for any surprise visits from environmental health.

The Sensee System keeps your business compliant and aids in being awarded the all important 5***** food hygiene rating. Astaris is currently the only UK seller of Sensee, so if it sounds like something you need click here to find out more.

Online booking systems

Online booking systems are becoming increasingly popular among a wide range of industries, not just hospitality. Online booking systems make the whole process faster for the customer and allows you to more accurately forecast, and better manage staffing levels.

Online booking systems are easy to install, add to your website and allow you to link up with companies such as ‘Opentable’ to increase your audience.

However, there’s a catch… online booking systems require you to be PCI compliant, as many restaurants require either a deposit or card details to secure the booking, PCI compliance is essential to running this system properly and securely. Not only will it protect your customers against fraud, but can eliminate extra charges from card merchants.

Digital kitchen boards

Digital kitchen boards are replacing the old-fashioned pen and notepad. They allow front of house and kitchen staff to work together more cohesively and improve efficiency in your restaurant. They connect to point of sale systems (POS) to transfer all orders as well as special requests, allergen information, and more. Say goodbye to lost orders, printer errors, and illegible handwriting and start taking advantage of this new gadget.

Systems like these allow your whole team to work more productively together and increase productivity, and most importantly keep your hospitality booked and busy post lockdown this summer!

So… which one will you try first?