The four signs that mean you need a new EPOS system

6th December 2019

3SPOS, the EPOS platform maker, has written a useful article outlining the signs bar and restaurant EPOS systems are in need of an overhaul. As technology changes, as Android and the Cloud dominate, the failure to adapt to change can impact a hospitality business’s ability to succeed.

What 3SPOS say:

Obsolete and slow

Outdated software or hardware of an EPOS system is one of the most obvious signs that you need an upgrade. Traditional systems are likely to cause compatibility problems and technical failures. You may need to reboot the system constantly as it takes longer time to load. Additionally, they are prone to errors and vulnerable to malware. An upgrade will not only ensure convenience but also protect you from potential data breaches and damaged customer experience. 

Ballooning sales

As your restaurant becomes more successful, tracking of sales and stock may become more complicated and time-consuming if you are using older EPOS systems. Increased influx of customers in your business necessitates investment in more efficient POS that will save you from accounting mistakes, overstocking, and understocking.

High expenses without returns

While using an EPOS is associated with some expenses, it should, in turn, boost your revenue. The essence of technological advancement is to improve efficiency and convenience while, at the same time, remaining affordable. When your current EPOS becomes too expensive and demanding to operate in terms of costs, energy and time, it may be time to consider a replacement. Modern POS systems are affordable and provide a wide range of useful applications.

Integration and synchronisation problems

An EPOS system upgrade may be needed if you start having trouble with its integration capabilities which hinder the management of your restaurant. Systems with such issues require various programs to run and may lack key features required for streamlined operations. Revamping to a modern system will provide better integration and synchronisation that results in a more insightful and real-time analysis of data.”

3SPOS also argue that a bar or restaurant business should opt to upgrade if their system isn’t user friendly which in turn fails to meet the expectations of your customers and therein provides woeful customer support. By upgrading to a platform that provides the above, your business can thrive.  Similarly, when you upgrade your network with Astaris, we can make sure the internet connection supporting your EPOS system keeps working well too.