This Is Why Hospitality Is Unsustainable

10th November 2021

“Meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” is the textbook definition of sustainability. We often think of the effects on the environment when we think of sustainability, and rightfully so…. But what about the financial sustainability that can be achieved through technology in a hospitality business, lets discuss it.

How bad is the problem?

Let’s talk numbers…

Some of these numbers are deeply shocking, and your hospitality business is contributing to this seemingly unavoidable issue. However, with ever-developing technology, solutions are on the horizon.

A vision for the future…

Innovative technology is being introduced into commercial kitchens across the UK, temperature recording devices placed inside your fridges & freezers come with a range of financial as well as environmental benefits.

Financial benefits:

Environmental benefits:

The Sensee System allows you to do all this with two credit card-sized components, place the sensors in your fridges and freezers and automatically send hourly temperature recordings to the gateway where they will be stored and ready to download on your mobile device.

Sensee allows you to save time, money, and energy when it comes to your food safety and hygiene.

Helping hand with food safety?

Digital food safety is the easiest way to remove all risks of human error, with 100% accurate and paperless temperature recordings, they are always consistently ready for inspections.

A shocking 1/7 takeaways and 1/13 restaurants fail their food safety inspections, and one of the most defining scores is the food safety management systems. This essentially means how the operational side of your food safety is run within your business. Do you have a routine in place for temperature checks? Or is it whenever your kitchen porter remembers and does a rough estimate of the ones no one accounted for? Sounds more like it.

Sensee restores all confidence in your food safety management systems and will help you achieve a 5***** Food Hygiene Rating. 

Why is all of this important?

The ages of people between the start of the pandemic and the current date are larger than initially crosses the mind. Someone could have gone into the pandemic age of 16 and as the lockdown lifted turned 18, and they are the newest generation of consumers. 

A whopping 25% of millennials say they consider environmental concerns and sustainability when making any sort of purchase!

How can I make a difference?

So start introducing digital food safety technology into your commercial kitchen and show your customers how much you value sustainability.