Three myths surrounding EPoS systems

6th September 2019

Any business, from any facet of the retail or hospitality industries, would agree that introducing a new electronic point of sale management system into your business can seem incredibly daunting. The circulation of myths hasn’t helped. So, 3POS have kindly debunked the main ones …

They are too complicated. You get limited support. They are too expensive.

These are all myths that have been debunked before. However, let’s take a moment to debunk the top three claims.

They’re complicated. On the contrary, EPoS systems are designed from a user experience perspective with ‘ease-of-use’ at the very heart of user interaction. Therefore, to argue that any new EPoS system would be complex to manage is wrong. Like with all new systems there will be a learning curve, but modern EPoS platforms from a UX/UE perspective are intuitive and easy-to-use.

You don’t get support. This has long been used to argue against upgrading an EPoS platform. If your business works outside of the usual 9 to 5 cycle, then it is (wrongly) assumed that technical support will be problematic. This is not the case. 24/7 technical support is a central part of the modern EPoS retailing and management experience.

Too expensive. Not really, the benefits of modern EPoS platforms are that they can seem an initially expensive purchase but due to their diversity in terms of back-office services, they are great value for money in the medium to longer term. You will get more out than you put in.

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We would like to point out that these are also myths when it comes to installing and maintaining the appropriate internet connectivity to run these systems as we provide easy to use IT with 24/7 support that is good quality with fewer problems so saves you money in the long run.  Give us a call if you would like our help with your internet connectivity or your network.