What is Sensee Technology?

12th May 2021

What is Sensee?

Developed in Norway, Sensee is an automatic fridge and freezer temperature recording system. With breakthrough submarine technology that allows radio waves to travel through industrial kitchen equipment, it is the best product of its kind on the market.

Brand new to the UK, Sensee was specially designed to take automatic recordings of temperature-controlled environments, including commercial kitchen fridges and freezers.

This kind of breakthrough technology will revolutionize commercial kitchens and save businesses money, time, food waste, and will allow them to maximize efficiency.

How does Sensee work?

The Sensee system comprises of physical products; a  sensor, 1 for each fridge/freezer, and a gateway that the sensors send the temperature recordings to. These recordings are then stored in the Sensee app that is available to download on your personal / work device from the gateway. 

The Sensee gateway will take a recording every hour and monitor them 24/7. You have the option to set up customizable alerts when your temperatures go above or below the required temperature and can be notified from your app wherever, whenever!

What are the benefits?

2 out of  5  key factors to receiving a 5***** food hygiene rating is how food is stored, how food safety is managed, so having the Sensee system will not only result in your business being rewarded/maintaining your 5***** but also:

In regards to food being stored correctly, Sensee can play a part in your receiving all 5 stars. With hourly recordings, these stats are available to download and print if you ever receive a surprise visit from the Environmental Health Organisation.

There are many businesses where food hygiene ratings can be awarded, in a nutshell, any business where you can buy or eat food is required to have a Food Hygiene Rating and examples of these include: takeaway food vans and stalls, supermarkets, schools, care homes, hospitals and more…

To find out more tips on how to receive a 5***** Food Hygiene Rating check out this blog post written by Training Express.

Who Would benefit from Sensee?

Any business that requires them to keep temperature recordings can benefit hugely from Sensee! Just some examples are:

Where can I find Sensee?

Currently, Astaris is the only seller of the Sensee system in the UK. We provide the hardware, installation, and maintenance and we cover a wide range of the southeast of the UK. However, if you wish to become a reseller of Sensee (a great business opportunity for commercial refrigeration supplier businesses etc…) We provide the hardware. Allowing you to take control of pricing, billing, installation, and more.

To find out more about Sensee visit the Sensee powered by Astaris website here.