Why Does My Business Need Microsoft Office 365?

31st July 2022

Collaborative tools such as Microsoft Office 365 can seem a bit much for small businesses and SMEs. Still, they allow your team to work together seamlessly across all departments, and in a small or start-up business, productivity is everything and more! In this article we’re going to break down all the benefits of working from home to keeping your business safe, let’s dive in…

Consistency and continuity

One of the best parts of Office 365 is how it allows your team to all work together easily, from home, the office, or wherever else they might be. This software updates everyone’s files simultaneously on all devices, meaning all team members are looking at the right, up-to-date version.

Working from home has become a worldwide shift, and having access to accurate work means your employees can work together on projects efficiently from wherever they are. 

It will also improve your communication across the company, by having additional features included such as Microsofts email tools, your team can all find each other easily under one umbrella. Documents are also changing, all documents are updated live in real-time, meaning when your employees begin work, there’s no need for pointless meetings and sending over updates as they can see what’s been added, meaning you can pick up where you left off!

Easy collaboration 

One of the best benefits of Microsoft Office 365 is the ability to collaborate easily like never before, not only do all documents update in real-time, they allow for multiple people to edit and work on the same project and everyone can see it again in real time what their colleagues are adding. This benefit works incredibly for those still working remotely as they can collaborate with their colleagues at the same time.

This is all made possible by a software called (SharePoint) it also allows you to do things like view each other’s calendars, update each other’s calendars with things such as calendar invites, multiple people can have access to the same email inbox and so much more… it really is the modern way of working.

It’s secure 

Security is often something businesses forget about, particularly small businesses and businesses just starting out, even though these are the businesses that could be most affected financially by a loss or breach of data. 

Luckily enough, having Microsoft Office 365 means all your data and work are securely stored in the cloud. The cloud is a fairly new concept, meaning all your work is no longer physically stored in an old-fashioned hard drive. So gone are the days of accidentally closing a tab and losing all your work or saving as you go, it’s all automatically saved to the cloud.

On the topic of security, each Microsoft Office 365 update comes with increased and enhanced security measures, ensuring your business and its data are always protected. Other security measures such as two-factor authentication means added protection against unauthorised personnel trying to access your company files, even within your organisation, you have total control over who can see what.

Anti-malware software is also included in updates, making things like your email inbox a lot safer!

Easy pricing and customisable for your business

Unlike most business expenses, Microsoft Office 365 is a set price meaning you always know how much you are spending, with no hidden or surprise costs. 

There are different packages available which all include different software depending on factors like your number of employees, what your business requires, and more. 

The pricing is based per user and is fully scalable depending on your company’s growth.

Why choose Astaris?

Astaris not only supply you with the Microsoft Office 365 package that is right for you but it also comes with all of our 24/7 support.

Having an IT support program in place means any issues you may face can be resolved quickly. Our expert team of IT engineers work around the clock to resolve our customer’s issues quickly as well as remotely, meaning less downtime for your business.

If you want to know more about getting Microsoft Office 365 integrated into your business, please visit our website.