Why hospitality needs to utilise “Click & Collect” meal services

14th October 2019

As market data highlights, off-premises food sales are becoming a profitable endeavour within the hospitality sector. The power of web-based apps and their associated ordering technologies along with the rapid availability of such technologies within the consumer landscape, from the App Stores to Google Stores, means pubs, bars and restaurants are starting to understand the power these technologies could bring to their own businesses.

What does this all mean?

NPD Group, an EPOS manufacturing firm, published research that found 755 million food deliveries occurred in 2017/18. That’s up 39% in under 36 months.

Zonal, another EPOS manufacturer, noted that 28% of British consumers ordered more meal deliveries in a 12-month period than using traditional bricks and mortar sites.

However, whilst Uber and Deliveroo are becoming dominant players, this doesn’t mean it is the only means available to small pubs, bars and restaurants looking at “click & collect” services.

Here are 3 ways a Click & Collect strategy could help

  1. By nurturing a human connection, launching a click and collect service provides pubs, bars and restaurants with the ideal environment to nurture strong brand-based relationships that can help improve footfall in the longer term. You can utilise EPoS technologies to develop loyalty schemes to help encapsulate your clients within your brand identity and your click and collect platform.
  2. By moving away from the Deliveroo and Uber Eats model, you can help save money for your customers whilst helping your business’s profitability. The commission and delivery fees levied by Deliveroo are avoided with click and collect service delivery.
  3. By developing a click and collect online system, pubs, bars and restaurants can create a strong customer database. This connects with direct marketing and brand development opportunities. Furthermore, remembering past orders can help nurture “upselling” with notifications like ‘Last time you also ordered xxx’.

Many EPoS platforms – from Zonal to Casio – have ‘turn-key’ white label systems that can connect directly with your current EPoS system. This means you can plug in and go! To read more about “click & collect” for pubs, bars and hospitality services, click here!

Having a network which is reliable enough to effectively support a system like this is where we come in.  We can install robust networks or improve/repair existing ones to make sure you stay online and don’t lose connection when you really need it.  Contact the Astaris team for details.