Why integrated EPOS and payment terminals can help hospitality businesses succeed

SBS EPOS believe directly linking card terminals to EPOS terminals can help provide a more streamlined customer experience. Having integrated card systems can help reduce void payment errors and can help make the transactional experience more intuitive and, for the customer, as fast as possible.

Here’s what SBS EPOS have to say:

“All of our EPOS solutions have the option to directly link their card terminals directly to the till. This link will mean that when the customer chooses to pay by card, the till will send down the balance straight to the card terminal. The customer will then be able to pay and the till will be notified if the payment was successful or if for some reason it was cancelled.

Benefits of our integrated card processing solution include:

  •  Speedy transaction times – depending on your internet speed, transactions can be processed in as quick as 3-5 seconds.
  • Remove the need for manual entry – you will not need to enter the balance into the card terminal as this is done automatically for you. This will increase transaction time and will also remove the chance of any human error.
  • PCI Compliant – our integrated card processing is fully PC1 DSS compliant.
  • Contactless Payments – choosing to pay by contactless has become increasingly more and more popular, whether this be done by your card or by Apple Pay. Our card terminals can accept both types of contactless in a world where speedy payments are required.”

For a fast and reliable internet connection to support this kind of system, speak to Astaris as we can install, maintain and repair networks which work well to keep your EPOS systems online.

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