Why SME hospitality needs to embrace digital ordering technology

4th July 2019

As digitisation continues apace within the hospitality sector and the way in which customers order services have changed.  Restaurants, pubs and takeaways are exploring new digital ordering platforms to help enhance their digital offering for a new tech savvy generation.

This new drive by business is backed up by research from Barclaycard. The research found that the way in which people engage with restaurants and takeaways is connected with the changing nature in which potential customers want to purchase goods and services.

One key finding was that nearly 25% of diners would Google search a restaurant’s online presence, view its menu and specials, and then explore the brand’s social media channels before choosing to visit the bricks and mortar site. This highlights the relevance of both the digital website and the physical site of the restaurant in this changing landscape.

Another dynamic is to offer “queue busting” digitisation avenues. This is about putting digital ordering front and centre of the restaurant experience. By allowing customers to skip queues by ordering ahead of time, when they walk in through the restaurant doors they can be served with hot food instantly, thus, winning long-term brand loyal customers.

Platforms, like Preoday can help you start your digitisation experience through accessible and affordable subscription packages. You can use white-label Preoday technology and then when you advertise it to your loyal customers, re-branded with your hospitality business, they can begin their own digital ordering experiences whilst continuing to remain brand loyal.

Casio have partnered up with Preoday with a new package aimed at small businesses with a focus on online ordering. Whilst Just Eat and Deliveroo continue to be popular – Preoday’s own research found that 70% of consumers would prefer to place an order through a digital platform direct with the brand they love which also cuts out the middle-man’s commission.

For any new technology in your pub, restaurant or cafe, having a good reliable network is essential.  If you aren’t sure your network is up to the challenge or you have trouble with outages, get in touch and we can either fix the problems or install a brand new business grade network system.