Will AI change the EPoS experience?

6th September 2019

Are you pondering the future of your EPoS infrastructure? As artificial intelligence and machine learning start to take fruition within the EPOS sector, how will these new and innovative technologies change the way you interact with your customers and enhance their customer journey?

Retail, leisure and hospitality are all sectors that dominate EPoS systems usage. They are fast-paced sectors that make heavy demands of their owners/managers and, as such, the interplay between staff, stock and customer engagement creates a cut-throat dynamic that really pushes competition.

However, AI could open new avenues of customer insight for such fast-paced businesses. From Aures to Casio, EPoS technology giants are exploring the power of AI in terms of understanding customer demands and emerging patterns. AI, and therein machine learning, could help open new doors of customer understanding by helping to identify the environment in which your business EPoS system inhabits.

Different customer profiles can be created; Casio, for example, have already tested dynamic profiling within the EPoS ecosystem. Other manufacturers are also exploring profiling and how EPoS back-office systems could literally predict trends – allowing businesses to forward plan stock, staffing and marketing demands based on such profiling activities.

Artificial intelligence could help herald a new era of awareness in terms of customer loyalties and organisational management.

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