Signs your business needs an IT check-up

13th September 2022

Keeping your business’s IT infrastructure and network healthy can be challenging. With evolving technology, it can be difficult to know exactly which elements of your network are letting you down. Let’s take a look at what areas are most likely to affect your business and how they can be fixed.

Your systems are all slow

Slow systems slow down your work, and there is no time for that! One of the biggest systems that are the foundation of your entire business IT network is your WiFi. If your WiFi is slow it can affect how your business operates. For businesses like hospitality, leisure, and retail it can take its toll when trying to process orders and take card payments.

A lot of other software relies on your WiFi too, POS systems, CCTV, Sonos sound systems, phones and so much more. So having WiFi that is slow and outdated can really hinder your business’s success.

There are a few things you have to look at when re-evaluating your business WiFi, here are some things to think about:

  • What equipment are you using? – A business cannot use the same WiFi made for a household environment, it should be able to fully support all the devices and systems running on it. You should opt for a professional piece of equipment such as Ubiquiti or Cisco-Meraki.
  • Does your WiFi drop out in certain locations? – This could be a sign you need wireless access points, they will ensure the coverage is strong all over your venue.
  • Does your business need a leased line? – this can help improve the connection if your business’ fibre to the cabinet may not be great. To find out more about having a leased line installed read last week’s blog post here.

Your technology is outdated

As technology evolves it’s important to stay fairly up to date. We understand it can be expensive, and there is definitely no need to purchase every new gadget that comes out, but some things are worth the investment.

One example of this is phone systems. Landline phones are extremely outdated and with traditional copper landlines being fully phased out by 2025, it’s important to explore other options ahead of time. 

Astaris will recommend hosted VoIP telephone systems as a solution for any business. They are 100% scalable to the growth or scaling down of your business. They also allow your employees to work from home for full flexibility. 

Crystal clear voice quality, fully future proof, and offering all the extra features a business could need, they are the best option for any business. 

Depending on what type of business you are running there are so many systems and apps that will be personal to you, so it’s always a good idea to be doing your research on what is available on the market to make your business better.

Your security is weak

Have you run into security issues? Most likely. It can often be one of the last things a business thinks about, but security is really important. 

Things like GDPR fines can land straight into your lap if you don’t take your security seriously. Here are some of the signs your businesses IT security may not be up to scratch:

  • You don’t know who has access to your data – as a business, you should be able to keep track of who has access to files than may contain more confidential data, it’s always a good idea to have strong passwords in place as well as two-factor authentication.
  • Your email inbox is full of spam – spam emails are a nuisance, there’s no denying that but there could be malicious content in them. If you are experiencing lots of spam it may be worth investing in spam and ransomware protection (a very inexpensive investment might we add!) for the small cost of protecting your inbox, it does beat the potential cost of a ransomware attack.
  • Your staff has no cyber security training – having training and precautions in place is super important, Astaris are KnowBe4 partners helping you and your employees to spot potentially malicious emails and content.

All in all, there are so many aspects of your IT that need to be properly supported and maintained and we know it can be a challenge. There are many amazing solutions out there to help you keep on top of your IT with ease, visit our website to find out how IT can be made simple, safe, and effective.