Hospitality Trends In 2022

5th January 2022

New year, new trends? It seems that way… with 2021 setting the tone for what customers expect from restaurants, what can they expect from you this year? Let’s take a look at what trends are taking the industry by storm and how you can incorporate them into your venue.

Digitalising the experience

A study shows that delivery market share has risen from 7% to 20% and that 28% of all food orders are done through an online food delivery service, so getting yourself online and present is sure to boost your custom in 2022.

Post-pandemic we have seen a dramatic rise in online menus and table ordering technology, relieving some of the pressure on our waiting staff during a busy service. The convenience shows it’s something that may stand the test of time, so ensuring your restaurant (if appropriate) offers this kind of ordering options (just make sure your WiFi is strong enough for your customers to use!).

Ensuring you are making your restaurant future proof shows your customers that you invest in your venue and that you care about their customer experience.

Offering options for everyone

An increase in people switching to vegetarian and plant-based options is on the rise, having options for everyone will ensure you truly can cater to everyone. 

Not only are people’s dietary requirements changing, so are their concerns over sustainability and being environmentally ethical. Why not check out our article all about creating a sustainable and eco-friendly hospitality business?

Investing in equipment that lowers your carbon footprint, electricity usage, paper usage, and food waste. A great way to show your customers that you are more sustainable.

Making your efforts known on social media and on your menu will show that you are making an effort to be inclusive to everyone who may dine at your restaurant!

A better customer experience

Going hand in hand with catering for everyone, customers expect a lot more for their money when deciding where to eat out. Not only are expectations rising, so is the amount people are spending. Since restrictions have eased the average amount spent in a pub has risen by 3.9%. Restaurants also saw a rise from 9.7% to 11.5%. 

Whilst people are willing to spend more, they also expect more of their experience when they do go out to eat. Here’s what customers value most when dining out according to a recent survey:

Whether that’s an exciting venue, creative food, fun atmosphere, you decide. Just create a memorable and enjoyable experience you are sure to keep customers returning.

If you are offering an upscale, fine dining experience this may not apply. For the average restaurant, people are willing to go out and spend, as long as they feel they are getting value for money.

Like we said, proving options for everyone will attract more custom. A focus on healthy eating will make your venue more appealing, particularly with the millennial generation. 

People enjoy the convenience of technology, and the ordering and paying at table service is becoming increasingly popular. Contactless payments have also seen a significant rise and they are here to stay, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Contactless payment

Contactless payments have increased 27% and that coupled with the increased contactless transaction value, is a really quick and convenient way to spend, so it’s important this is something that you offer.

Not only is it convenient, but it’s also safer too. Post-pandemic contactless have been favorable for their safety features. Not only is it safer, it’s easier. It’s a quicker way of taking payment, which for other hospitality venues like bars and nightclubs this makes service a lot quicker for your staff as well as your customers.

However, contactless payments are a plus for any hospitality business, but they require you to be PCI compliant. In doing so, your customers are protected against fraud and your business against fines.  Attacks of this type are increasingly clever,  so ensuring your customers safety is key. Read more about the risks of hospitality fraud here.

What does this mean for your business?

Overall, 2022 is looking promising for the hospitality industry, and ensuring you are satisfying your customer’s needs is really important for your success. Between making changes to ensure your business is catering to everyone, making your experience memorable and enjoyable for your customers.